About The Writer

Mary Lynne Carpenter is a backyard horse-keeper who lives in the Midwest of the USA. She loves to write and ride. Her work has appeared in Equus Magazine, The Horse Magazine, Horse Network, Horse Nation and The Plaid Horse Blog. You can reach her at thebackyardhorseblog@gmail.com.

The following are links to some of her published works:

Temporary Shelter- https://equusmagazine.com/horse-world/temporary-shelter-53517/

Note to Truck- https://horsenetwork.com/2019/03/note-to-truck/

The Stuff of Dreams- https://www.pressreader.com/usa/equus/20190528/page/130/textview

Building The Horse Community One Trailer Ride At A Time- https://thehorse.com/180174/building-the-horse-industry-one-trailer-ride-at-a-time/

Perseverance and Grit For The Everyday Equestrian- https://www.theplaidhorse.com/2019/08/28/perseverance-and-grit-for-the-everyday-equestrian/