The Beauty of Backyard Horse Keeping in the Snow

After reading the above blog title, I am sure at least one reader wants to throw a virtual snow ball in my direction.

But even Winter can’t be ALL bad for the backyard horse keeper, right? I know, dealing with frozen latches, frozen water hoses and frozen fingers is no fun. I live in the Mid-West where Winter is not as bad as the Antarctic, but it is no Miami or Los Angeles either. I have cried through ice storms when the power went down, and I was desperately trying to figure out how to water my horses when the water pump stopped working. So I know a long, cold Winter can be very demoralizing. And don’t get me started on how Winter interferes with my riding time . . .

But before I go too far down that rabbit hole, I want to focus here on the positives of Winter snow. I was looking through some of my photo archives online and remembered several of my favorite horse photos were taken in the snow in my backyard.

The snow makes a beautiful backdrop. It is a perfect canvas. It speaks to the possibility of a clean start, of beauty after a storm. It also allows for fuzzy shots of horses with the snow packed over their bodies, long coats and whiskers doing what nature intended- keeping them toasty despite the frosty environment.

If you are looking for a pick me up from the Winter doldrums, see if you can dig out your favorite snow-horse photos. What to do if snow doesn’t fall where you live? You google for images of “horses in snow”. I dare you not to be awed by the beauty or amused by the antics of horses in snow.