For The Busy Equestrian- An easy way to give back to the horse community

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

What IS a busy equestrian to do? Not everyone has the time to contribute to the horse industry by doing activities like serving on a horse club committee, volunteering at a therapeutic riding center or fostering a horse for a rescue.

A busy equestrian CAN though be positive with their words and their demeanor. You can contribute so much towards our horse world with your attitude and how you chose to express yourself within it. Everyone has the opportunity to point out something good that they see happening in those around them.

I recently read a wonderful essay written by Deann Long Sloan, the Associate Editor of Horse Nation. The piece is entitled “I am a Rock- I am an Island- Feelings of Isolation in Horseback Riding”. She describes how we as equestrians can feel separated from one another and how we can conduct ourselves differently to bridge that gap. It is a lovely essay that I encourage you to read.

I know that as a backyard horse owner, I may not spend a lot of time with other equestrians like I would if I were boarding my horses. I think this fact makes it even more important that I make the time count when I AM with other riders and horse owners. I believe that horses benefit too when we chose to be more positive. They so readily pick up on moods and feelings from those around them. I may not have many resources to share, but a smile or a kind word towards a fellow equestrian or their horse costs me nothing. I can also chose to have compassion for an equestrian that is having a bad day and hope that they return the favor towards me during my less than generous moments.

How can you make a positive contribution in your corner of the horse world?