The Backyard Horse-Owner: Ideas on Preparing For Quarantine

While many folks are stocking up on toilet paper, food and cleaning supplies in case of quarantine due to contraction of the Corona Virus, we backyard horse-owners have additional issues to consider. Namely, if we ourselves were required to stay home, do we have all the horse supplies that we would need?

Two extra bags of my horses’ ration balancers, kept in airtight containers in my home, are at the ready if I am isolated.

The above article appeared yesterday on The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care website. The author, who lives in Washington State, details how she is stocking up on supplies based on her own horses’ particular needs. The article is tailor-made for the backyard horse-owner who wants some ideas for how to prepare for this “what if” scenario. Hopefully, all the preparation will turn out to be unnecessary. But for those of us who feel calmer when better prepared, this article will help formulate a horse-care plan.