What do we do now

As a new blogger, I follow many other horse blogs so I can keep up with current topics in the horse world. Today I am reblogging this current (3/17/20) post from The $900 Facebook pony. She commiserates with many of us who have had events cancelled but also stresses the importance of eliminating these gatherings. She also details suggestions for how we can be supportive of each other and the horse industry in general during this Corona Virus season.

Like many others, I have had a long anticipated horse show cancelled this month. Last week after I learned of the closure of that event, my husband’s job was eliminated.

I know many of us are stressed. At the same time, please remember to be kind with your words and actions towards others. Help where you can.

Smiles are free.

Well guys, this corona thing really spiraled quickly didn’t it? Things look a lot different today than they did a week ago, or even just 4 days ago. USEF, USEA, and FEI have cancelled shows for now, and everything is coming to a screeching halt. Whether or not any of us contracts the virus, this is definitely going to affect all of us in some way.

Over the weekend I have to admit that I was very disappointed to see the people on social media who wanted to keep horse showing in the coming weeks despite all this, and the organizers who wanted to keep offering schooling shows because riders asked for them. I’m not sure why some of us seem to feel exempt from what all the experts are recommending, and what our societal obligation demands. The time to buckle down is now, and there is nothing special about…

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