Chewy Sells Horse Stuff!

I haven’t seen any statistics, but I would bet that most backyard horse-keepers also care for other animals. If you have dogs or cats, you may already be familiar with the online pet- product company Chewy.

Did you know that Chewy also sells products for horses? While their horse offerings do not rival a typical tack store, they boast enough product variety to make them worth a look. Horse products sold through Chewy include feed, supplements, treats, fly spray, vet wrap, grooming supplies, prescription medications and tack.

Like most folks, I enjoy the convenience of shopping online. On the downside, I find it especially difficult paying for shipping costs or meeting the minimum requirements for free shipping. Many online stores have a fairly high minimum of $75 or so for the free shipping feature. When I am just looking to buy one inexpensive product, it is frustrating that I might have to pay more for shipping than the cost of the item itself. On a similar note, it is not very often that I have an extra $75 to spend on products I don’t really need just to get free shipping on the one item I do need.

Here are three horse products I most recently purchased from Chewy during a Winter sale-
Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray Fly Repellent (great scent!)
Co-Flex bandage
Adirondack Applezz N’ Oats Horse Treats

Shopping at helps solve this problem for me, because they offer free shipping on orders over $49. Not only that, but their free shipping is generally a one to two day shipping offer as well. Usually you have to pay extra at most other websites for that speed of shipping. And if I already have an order of pet food coming, it is easy to add a small horse product or two to my order. Their auto-ship feature is super convenient as I can save a shopping list online and decide “what I want sent when”. Generally you will get a small discount on items you order via auto ship too.

Chewy’s prices on horse items aren’t often the lowest I have found online, but they aren’t typically outrageous. When I visit their website, I normally click on their “Today’s Deals” link and then “Horse Deals” to see if an item I want might be on sale.

I don’t know what it is like to work for Chewy or how employee friendly they are, but I found them customer friendly. I once called Chewy after my cat died. I explained that I wanted to return a couple of crates of food. They told me to just keep the food and donate it to an animal shelter. They refunded me the full amount (even though I wouldn’t need to return the food to them) and then sent me a bouquet of flowers with a nice sympathy note! I think that is the first time a company (or anybody else, for that matter), has sent me a bouquet of flowers when one of my pets has passed. I hope Chewy is as considerate towards their employees as they are their customers.

Probably the only difference I have noticed with Chewy as compared to other online shops with horse products is how they package their fly spray. If you have ever purchased fly spray from say, Smartpak, you may notice that the trigger bottles are wrapped and bagged to try to prevent/contain leaks. Unfortunately, I have not know Chewy to do this yet. The fly spray that I have ordered has arrived with no protective packaging and often laying down rather than standing up. One bottle arrived almost completely leaked out. Fortunately, other items packaged inside the box were easily wiped down. But that leak might have ruined an order that also contained a bag of pet food or something more porous. Their customer service department was understanding and promptly refunded me my money for the fly spray. I am all for supporting less packaging as a kindness to the environment, but perhaps they could at least try to ship spray bottles standing up so as to minimize potential messes.

If you haven’t already checked out Chewy’s horse-related products, you might be pleasantly surprised. If you are a FIRST TIME Chewy customer, you can use the following link to place your order AND have Chewy donate $20 to the Heart of Phoenix horse rescue. Heart of Phoenix is based in West Virginia and serves horses in need all over Appalachia. This is a terrific opportunity to try out Chewy as a first time customer and help a deserving horse rescue. Go to

Happy shopping!

P.S.- This post is completely unsolicited and uncompensated. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I subscribe to Chewy for the small animals but didn’t know about horse stuff. It might come in handy during the quarantine.

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    1. Definitely! The last time I checked, Chewy’s website said they were still delivering as usual with only a slight delay in their usual shipping time. I really like having the option to purchase horse stuff from them!


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