Feeling like a Horse on Stall Rest? Activity Ideas That Also Give

Many of us are trying to adjust to travel restrictions, job lay offs and having access to only essential services. Sometimes taking your eyes off your own problems for a minute is balm for the soul. I thought I would pass on a few ideas I have come across for spreading goodwill in a time of stress I really like this community action response poster that I found online for UK residents (you will notice the reference to Public Health England). It provides ideas for all of us no matter where we live. Seems like a great place to start. Read on for other ideas.

SHOP WITH SMARTPAK AND CONSIDER DONATING TO A HORSE RESCUE– I just saw that Smartpak equine at http://www.smartpakequine.com is currently offering free shipping with any order. No minimum shipping requirement. Usually their minimum for free shipping is $75. If you are watching your pennies but still in need of a horse product, now is a great time to shop with Smartpak.

And if you have money to give, why not contact your local horse rescue and see if they have a product need? You could purchase items to have sent directly to the rescue OR buy them an e-gift certificate and let them know about the current free shipping offer so they can take advantage. I am guessing that the broader economic strain of the Corona virus will have a big impact on our horse rescues across the country. If you can, please support them.

FOSTER A DOG OR CAT (OR OTHER SMALL CRITTER) FROM AN ANIMAL SHELTER– On a similar note, animal shelters are also feeling the strain. Many are asking for folks to foster dogs, cats and other critters during this time. Fostering can be a very rewarding experience. And it is such a treat for an animal to get out of a crowded shelter and get some individual attention. If you can, please contact your local animal shelter to inquire about their fostering needs and policies.

BUY A LIP BALM AND HELP WORKING EQUIDS WORLDWIDE– I know, maybe purchasing makeup is not at the top of your priority list now.

But did you know that according to Brooke USA website that “100 Million Horses, Donkeys And Mules Support 600 Million Of The World’s Poorest People”? By purchasing Lip Revival Tinted Lip Balm from Beauty for Real, you can help support the working equids of the world. 20% of the proceeds from each lip balm purchase goes to Brooke USA. Brooke USA supports the international organization the Brooke that helps working equids (horses, donkeys, mules) and their owners around the world.

The lip balm is cruelty free, parabin free, vegan and comes in nine colors. Currently, Beauty for Real is offering a free mascara with any purchase. I have used their tinted lip balm and mascara for a couple of years now and really appreciate the quality. Order through the link at https://www.beautyforreal.com/collections/lips-collection/products/lip-revival-tinted-lip-balm.

CHECK OUT FREEKIBBLE.COM– Finally, for those who don’t have extra money to donate but still want to help the animal-shelter community, check out http://www.freekibble.com. By answering a question of the day, you prompt the sponsoring organization to donate a few pieces of dog/cat food or cat litter to shelter pets depending upon the link you select. It is free to participate. Sign up to receive a daily email reminder.

If you have resource ideas for helping out others during this pandemic and beyond, please post them to the comments section below. Even small acts of thoughtfulness and kindness can have a broad impact through the ripple effect of spreading goodwill.