Daily Encouraging Message- Free Email Offer For Equestrians

Sometimes, we need a little inspiration to help guide our path when life gets cloudy.

In a previous post entitled “Mental Fitness in Riding”, I mentioned Barbara Shulte. https://thebackyardhorseblog.wordpress.com/2020/03/18/mental-fitness-in-riding/.

Barbara is a Professional Cutting Horse Trainer, Personal Performance Coach, Author, Clinician, and Equine Consultant. She was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2012.

Barbara is currently offering free sign up to her “Just For Today” daily inspiration emails. From her website: “They include horsemanship and mental game tips, as well as personal meaning reflections and physical conditioning tips. They arrive in your email inbox on Monday through Friday. There’s nothing to buy. They’re free.”

For a number of years, Barbara would send out these daily emails. She eventually stopped doing so in order to use her energies for other worthy projects. But I really enjoyed these horsemanship-related suggestions/ little nuggests of wisdom and was sad to see them go. So excited to start receiving these emails again.

Use the following link to sign up if you would like to receive them too!