A Backyard Horse-Keeper’s Spring To-D0 List

Thank you to the Savvy Horsewoman for inviting me to participate in their Spring guest-blogger round up!

As part of this Spring round-up, I wrote an article detailing my yearly Spring to do list around the farm. Of course, I wrote this article before the spread of the Corona Virus impacted many of our Spring plans. Even so, I think that most of the article’s suggestions are still relevant.

The Savvy Horsewoman is a blog and shop that has many active social media accounts. They encourage their readers to share, pin or tweet their favorite posts. With your help, this could be a great opportunity for The Backyard Horse Blog to gain exposure to a wider audience.

If you would like to check out my guest-blog post and then share, pin or tweet from there, please go to https://www.savvyhorsewoman.com/2020/04/horse-keepers-spring-to-do-list.html. Check back into their blog later this month to read other guest-blog posts from fellow equestrian bloggers.

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