The Circle of Life

Happiness Between Tails recently invited me to write a guest-post after the blog’s author read one of my essays on the website Medium. How exciting!

The blog’s author, da-Al, wrote a beautiful introduction to my post. It was another reminder that having horses in my life is a privilege not everyone shares. A big thank you to her for asking me to guest-post on her popular, international blog! It is a much appreciated opportunity to introduce new readers to my writing.

My guest-post entitled “The Circle of Life” is about a little horse-hair bird nest I found in my yard.

Check out the Happiness Between Tails blog and my guest-post ” The Circle of Life” at or-writer-mary-lynne-carpenter/

5 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

    1. Those horse-hair nests really are the most precious things. Knowing which horse it came from is especially touching. Finding that nest with Spice’s hair was super emotional for me. And Tag! An awesome horse he was. What a blessing to have his own horse-hair nest!

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    1. Thank YOU da-Al for the opportunity to put my writing in front of your readers! I enjoyed the collaboration.


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