Equus Barn Story Podcasts

Two of my former foster horses, Copper on the left and Bitsy on the right. I am sure both of them would have plenty of their own barn stories to tell.

Everyone has their different preferences for digesting information. For whatever reason, I have never been a huge consumer of audiobooks or podcasts. I must say that I am a fan of the Equus Barn Story Podcasts. I remember reading Equus magazine as a child. It continues to be my favorite equine magazine. When Equus magazine went from a monthly format to its current quarterly format, they decided to expand their online offerings. Hence the start of the Podcasts. Equus takes some of their favorite essay stories from magazine issues past and morphs them into the audio format.

Equus’s website says “EQUUS Barn Stories focus on the softer side of horse ownership, serving as a reminder of why we have horses and highlighting the fellowship among riders. They are meant to be listened to on the way to the barn, while cleaning tack or simply relaxing in the quieter moments of the day. Barn Stories are not instructional, but instead seek to underscore and celebrate the way horses enrich our lives.”

Go to https://equusmagazine.com/podcasts/barn-stories-podcast to listen to one or more. Return here and let me know which is your favorite and why. I have not listened to them all yet so maybe you can help me figure out which one I should digest next!