New Documentary Film: Lady Long Rider

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Please note this update to the original post: I am sad to learn that Bernice Ende died on October 2nd, 2021 at her sister’s home in New Mexico. A post on Bernice’s blog, written by her family, thanked everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes regarding her passing. They noted that Bernice’s two Fjord horses will stay with the family and will continue to be ridden through the mountains as a way for the family to stay connected to Bernice. Her family also noted that the End of The Trail website will be shut down in the near future, per Bernice’s request. If the link to the website included in this post no longer works by the time you read this, you will know why. Bernice was quite the inspiration to so many. Even though Bernice may be gone, her story remains.

Many of you have probably already heard of Bernice End and/or the Long Rider’s Guild. But did you know that there is now a new documentary about Bernice? Entitled “Lady Long Rider- How far one woman went to find herself- The Story of Bernice Ende”, it is a film by Wren Winfield and W+ E1 Productions.

I have not yet seen the documentary, but I got chills when I read the description.

From Bernice Ende’s post about the documentary, “Approaching her 50th birthday, Bernice Ende picked up the reins and rode south on a borrowed horse. Her plan was to visit her sister, a 2000-mile ride from Montana to New Mexico. She never imagined that facing the challenges of life alone on the road, would take her so much further…. In Lady Long Rider, Bernice shares the miles of insight she gained on the horseback ride that ultimately became a 15-year 30,000-mile journey of self discovery.”

Bernice notes in her blog post that she was surprised at how well the hour-long film captures the essence of her journey. To read more about the documentary go to

To purchase the documentary through the filmmaker, Wren Winfield, at W+E1 Productions go to

If you have not read Bernice Ende’s book yet, I would suggest you pick up a copy of “Lady Long Rider: Alone Across America on Horseback”. You can find it in most places where books are sold including directly from her website at At her website, you can also sign up to follow her blog.

Photo taken from Bernice End’s website at

Prepared to be inspired by the length, breadth and scope of Bernice Ende’s riding adventures!

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    1. The book is one of the more interesting reads that I have gotten my hands on recently. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I have not seen the DVD yet since it is so new, but I am thinking I would like it as much as the book.

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      1. You might also enjoy “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” by Isabella Bird. I reviewed it on my blog . You could find it under the Reviews.books section.

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    1. You might want to look for it at your local library, too. I realize it may not be open currently, but you might be able to put it on hold for future reading. The book contains universal themes that I think would appeal to many readers, even if they aren’t long-riders themselves, so it makes for good library material IMHO.

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