The Rehabilitation of Regal

Photo of Regal taken from Horse Nation website where his stories appear

If you have read my post about fostering horses for a local rescue, it will come as no surprise that animal rescue stories capture my attention. Reading about an animal leaving a bad situation and moving on to lead a normal life is refreshing and inspiring to me.

Of course, every journey does not have a happy ending. Sometimes in rescue, as in the rest of life, there are unfortunate occurrences. Some things can’t be fixed.

In those cases, I still marvel at what fortune the animal had to find good care towards the end. Even if that good care was not enough to sustain life, I ponder what relief the animal experienced in the midst of his or her suffering after rescue.

What must that be like to go from thirsty and starving to receiving adequate water and food? What must that be like to go from hurting to receiving pain relief? What must that be like to be forgotten and later have someone notice your needs? What must that be like to know indifference and later to experience healing intentions from your caretakers?

I have been reading on the website Horse Nation the ongoing story of the rehabilitation of a horse named Regal. So far, there are three installments posted about Regal’s story. This horse is far from out of the woods, but I am rooting for Regal and his caretakers.

Even if his story does not have a happy ending, I would still say this is a lucky horse. If you would like to read about Regal’s ongoing rehabilitation, please visit the following:

The Rehabilitation of Regal: The Beginning

The Rehabilitation of Regal: 21 Day Update

The Rehabilitation of Regal: Home Sweet Home

2 thoughts on “The Rehabilitation of Regal

  1. You are right. Even if it cannot be a happy ending as long as it can be an ending where the horse can know he is cared for and knows that people like him and care about him. Then if he has to go he can go in peace.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Anne. We should all be so fortunate to have a peaceful ending, horse and humane alike!

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