Bear and I receive a thank you card!

I have an addendum to my previous post titled "Bear as Emergency Alert System" (see original post at Bear and I received this lovely card from the woman whom Bear helped rescue! Isn't that sweet?! I have marked out her name for privacy's sake in case she didn't want it blasted all over the… Continue reading Bear and I receive a thank you card!

I see horses everywhere stumbled across the above internet link and thought it looked amusing. This quizz from is purported to say something about your personality depending upon your answer. I am sceptical about that claim, but I had fun reading through it. Because the subject matters happens to be horses, I can't think this would be… Continue reading I see horses everywhere

The Horse World Needs Everybody

In March 2020, I wrote an essay about my interest in reading a then unreleased book called "Compton Cowboys: The New Generation of Cowboys in America's Urban Heartland". My essay was published on Horse Nation at I mentioned it in a previous blog post at Unfortunately, I am still waiting to read the… Continue reading The Horse World Needs Everybody