Shiloh- No longer in stitches

Shiloh is officially unstitched now! I must say that was the fastest vet visit ever. I’m not sure we were even in the parking lot for more than ten minutes this morning. Basically, Shiloh got off the trailer, got his stitches out in the barn aisle, got back on the trailer and we were on our way back home.

Looks a little rough, but I was thinking it was healing well and my vet said the area was a-okay (not a direct quote!).

Our drive to the vet’s office and back was slightly more adventurous than last time. We negotiated a pair of deer crossing the road as well as huge piece of farm equipment that kindly pulled off the road so we could pass them. It must take the patience of a saint to drive those things, always having to be extra careful negotiating around obstacles like the lady pulling the horse trailer. But anywho, we got there and back safely with no problems.

Shiloh was point and shoot with the loading and unloading. Bear was decidedly less enthusiastic about it today. We had an earlier history together with difficulty loading but then years of traveling with no major issues in that department. Today might have just been an off day, but it is something I will keep in the back of my mind. I think sometimes when a horse says “no”, they can be trying to communicate that something hurts (or is super frightening) or they are worried that something might hurt (or become super frightening) in the course of your asking them to do something.

Bear has arthritis in addition to his EMS and PPID. Not to mention he is twenty-five years old. So its something I will be thinking about as I attempt to take Bear along with me when I take Shiloh out to ride at different venues. It may be that Bear is getting to the point where that won’t be comfortable for him.

Horses enjoying a post-vet-visit snack. Still sporting their special travel halters, they anxiously await my putting on their fly-masks and then leaving them alone for the rest of the day! 🙂

Today in just a minute here, I am expecting to re-post yesterday’s post that was actually supposed to be this week’s Wednesday post! I posted it accidentally yesterday, then took it down online and am now putting it back out there on the internet. So that might mean any of you readers who are blog email-subscribers will get yesterday’s post again today, but I am not sure. Can you tell I am new to this blogging thing and have questions about how it all works? Thanks for your patience with me, dear reader!

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    1. Thank you very much! He was a trooper about the whole thing. Just have to try to keep the area reasonably clean and hopefully let his skin and hair grow back now.

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