The Horse World Needs Everybody

In March 2020, I wrote an essay about my interest in reading a then unreleased book called “Compton Cowboys: The New Generation of Cowboys in America’s Urban Heartland”.

My essay was published on Horse Nation at I mentioned it in a previous blog post at

Unfortunately, I am still waiting to read the book. I thought it would be material that others would also enjoy reading so I asked a local library to obtain it for their collection. The library approved my request, but with the changes caused by the pandemic, I am still waiting for the book to become available.

There has been much talk in recent years of the reduction in participation in the horse world. It seems to me that we would do well to welcome and support everyone who shares an appreciation for the horse. Part of that can be learning about and learning from a diverse groups of equestrians who have long been out there caring for and riding their horses despite generally not being acknowledged as part of the wider horse world. Despite how it often seems, equestrians are not just white.

As part of my research in composing my essay earlier this year and more recently in light of current events, I have learned about a number of different articles/websites that I thought I would share here. I am not a Facebook member, but in addition to including a couple of direct Facebook links, many of the people/websites/organizations noted below have Facebook pages that might be of interest to readers as well. There is a lot more to read on the subject of equestrian diversity, but this list is a place to start. Our current and future horses and horse people can be the beneficiaries of a broader, more inclusive horse industry when we make room for everybody.

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