Six Feet Apart in Horse Hands

Saw this infographic courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim (the maker of all the expensive equine medicine that I give to my horse Bear). Made me chuckle (not the price of the medicine but the infographic). Sometimes it is just easier for horse folks to measure things in horse hands!

PS- If you are reading this and not familiar with how a horse’s height is measured, please note that “a hand” is considered four inches. 6 feet apart is 72 inches so that would equal a horse that is eighteen hands tall, as measured from the ground to the withers (withers are located on top of the shoulders at the base of the horse’s neck). An eighteen hand horse is a tall horse- think Budweiser’s Clydsdale tall. Something to think about as you are standing in the grocery store checkout line. Plus it is a fun fact for your next trivia night, maybe?

2 thoughts on “Six Feet Apart in Horse Hands

    1. I know, right? When I saw the infographic, I had to take out my calculator to double-check the math. Didn’t seem right to me when I first saw it.

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