We Ride At Dawn

So what do we equestrians do when we want to ride, but it is ten thousand degrees outside with 100% percent humidity and there is almost no shade? We ride at dawn! Or at least I do.

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of temperature extremes. I get completely stiff and achy in the dead of Winter. I feel dizzy, faint and nauseous in the heat of Summer. Neither state is conducive to riding. For his part, Shiloh seems to be like “If you must ride me at all, I do best in 70 degree weather with a few clouds and a light breeze” kind of horse.

Long story short, riding early on a hot day works for both of us.

Starting the ride at the beginning of a sun rise this week

Nearing the end of the ride as the sun is high enough to leave some LONG shadows

This leaves Shiloh with just enough energy to kick up his heels with Bear when they are turned out with their muzzles for some grazing outside their paddock before the worst heat of the day. Wheeeeee!

6 thoughts on “We Ride At Dawn

  1. I’m learning that early morning rides to beat the heat are the best! Although I love sleeping in…I hate suffocating in the midday heat! I’ve started sacrificing sleep more and more to get an early ride in on my weekends!

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    1. Sounds like I am not the only one who appreciates the relative coolth of riding at day break! 🙂


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