Great British Equinery Sends Bear and Shiloh a Care Package!

A big shout out here to Debbie at the Great British Equinery of Indiana! Debbie generously sent Bear and Shiloh some swag to sample. How cool is that!?

Included in the care package is a baggie of Hilton Herb Herballs treats (no added sugars for metabolically-challenged horses like Bear!), a Hilton Herbs product booklet (they produce a slew of products in addition to the treats), a set of very attractive John Whitaker leg wraps and a storage bag (conveniently matching the red western saddle pad I currently use), and two 2020 Harrison Howard fly masks. You may know from previous posts how much I like the Harrison Howard fly masks I purchased in previous years so I am interested to try out the updates models!

I plan to incorporate the care package items into future post material so stay tuned. Bear and Shiloh told me they’d like to start with the treats please . . .

In the mean time, please check out the Great British Equinery of Indiana at

I met Debbie in person at a horse show last year and have purchased products from her website. In my experience, Debbie is super-friendly, ships items quickly and carries fun, useful products from the UK. I also learned that she has donated products to the Indiana Horse Rescue (the same organization that I previously fostered horses for)- something that I really appreciate. Gotta love it when businesses help support horses in need, right?

9 thoughts on “Great British Equinery Sends Bear and Shiloh a Care Package!

  1. What a fun care package! I’ll have to check out their site…Cash is always up for trying new treats!

    It’s so cool to hear that you’ve fostered for a rescue before! I’ve helped with a local rescue, but have not had the opportunity to foster. I would love to hesr about your fostering experience with Indiana Horse Rescue sometime.😊

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    1. Glad to hear that Cash is an adventureous eater like Bear and Shiloh. Tell Cash that my horses hope to post their review soon. 🙂
      Prior to when I think you may have started following my blog, I wrote a post that details some of my experiences with fostering. You can read it here at I remember seeing a couple of your own blog posts about your volunteering at a horse rescue. I think that is awesome that you have taken your time to contribute to the greater good that way!

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    1. That would be fun to have our horses wearing matching fly masks! 🙂 I am sure the Great Brisith Equinery would appreciate your business.


  2. That’s great.I love the color of the leg wraps. I have used a Hilton Herbs medicated shampoo when Biasini had hives in Florida and it worked wonders and does not contain anything that tests so I could use it before shows.

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    1. Ah, that is a good point about using products that don’t test as positive for some forbidden substance if you show. That would be terrible to put in all that money and effort only to have your standings taken away because you chose the wrong shampoo! Good to know Biasini responded well to the Hilton Herbs product! I will keep that in mind!

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      1. There are shampoos with hydrocortisone in them for hives and skin problems. Those would test. USEF says you should stop using them one week before. The USEF has a wonderful service where you can call up and speak to someone and get the details on withdrawal times. Its very helpful if you are showing.

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      2. That is really interesting. I have never shown at the level where testing is done so this is news to me. Hydrocortisone- who would have thought!

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