Bear and Shiloh give the Hilton Herbs Herballs a five-star rating!

Thank you Great British Equinery of Indiana at!

Bear and Shiloh recently got to sample some free treats via the generosity of the Great British Equinery of Indiana. Both Bear and Shiloh gave the Hilton Herbs Herballs a five-star rating!

Hilton Herbs Herballs, according to their product information, are made with wheat four, alfalfa, flax seed, spearmint, garlic, oregano and rosemary. Yes, you read that right. The treats smell like something that might be perfectly at home in say an Italian grandmother’s kitchen. Unusual for a horse treat, these ingredients certainly make them stand out from most.

The Hilton Herbs Herballs are shaped in little round nuggets as the name implies. They are crunchy and don’t seem to crumble easily. They are large enough to not lose them in a pocket but yet not so bulky that you couldn’t fit in a few. Hilton Herbs notes that the Herballs have no added sugar. This could make them a more appropriate choice for the metabolically challenged horse than a more sugar/calories laden treat (as with any food stuff with a metabolically challenged horse, always use caution with the types/amounts of treats that you provide).

Both Bear and Shiloh took one sniff of the Herballs and snarffed them right up. Both continued to lick their feed pans long after the treats were gone. Bear and Shiloh made eye contact with me, sharing that “I am pleased to eat more if you would be so kind as to give me another one” look.

Full disclosure, I do remember buying a bag of theses treats from a different vendor in the past. I recall that both Bear and the other pony I had at the time, Pumpkin Spice, liked them. Bear, always an “I’m up for anything” in the food department, has become more finicky in his old age at twenty-five. I wasn’t sure if he would still enjoy the Herballs like he did in the past. Clearly he still does! As for Shiloh, I have not purchased these treats since Shiloh came to me almost two years ago. This was the first time that he had sampled them with me as treat giver. In any case, I don’t think prior exposure or lack thereof tarnishes the review. Definitely a five-star rating on smell and taste of the Hilton Herbs Herballs from these two equines!

Something else that stood out to me about the Hilton Herbs company is that when I inquired about animal testing, I was told that they don’t test their products on laboratory animals. To quote a sentence from an email I received from Hilton Herbs, “We do not test on laboratory animals; our business ethos is based in health, not harm”.

Lord willing for my next post, I will write about the 2020 Harrison Howard fly masks that the Great British Equinery also mailed to me. Bear and Shiloh send many thanks to the Great British Equinery of Indiana for the treat samples. I know that the Great British Equinery would be happy to have your business if you would like to purchase some for the horses in your life. Please visit them at

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