Thought For The Day: The Joys of Donkey Grooming

One of my favorite authors is Rachel Anne Ridge. I really enjoyed her two books “Flash: The homeless donkey who taught me about life, faith and second chances” and “Walking With Henry: Big lessons from a little donkey on faith, friendship and finding your path”. She also wrote a children’s book entitled “Flash The Donkey Makes New Friends”.

Rachel has a way of describing normal, everyday events with introspection that is sweet and refreshing. For example, grooming as a form of care is a common-place event among horse, donkey and mule people alike. But Rachel reminds us that it can be much more than that if we allow it. Below is a quote from the book “Walking With Henry” that reflects the author’s style and makes for great contemplation.

“There is something therapeutic about the grooming process. Working a curry over an appreciative donkey gives you a chance to let your mind rest. In a world filled with distractions and loud voices, the rhythmic sound of a brush comforts me. I enjoy watching the donkeys’ reactions- exhaling contentedly and gently shaking their long ears. In these moments, all is right with the world. Worries lesson with every stroke, and anxious thoughts are dispelled with each burr and mud pellet that falls to the ground.”

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  1. I just love when I read something that puts a feeling I never could describe into words!
    There is something very special about grooming your horse or donkey😊

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