Horse-Life Fragrances: What are your favorites?

I love this quickie quiz from the Beyond The Saddle Podcast Facebook page. I think horses smell fantastic. This quiz reminded me that there are all sorts of other scents associated with horse life too.

I had a hard time narrowing down the list to just two. But for me, number 5 (freshly cut alfalfa in the field) and number 11 (pine on a mountain trail ride) take the carrot cake. 🙂

Let me know what your own answers are in the comments section!

Find the Beyond The Saddle Podcast at As quoted from their website “Beyond the Saddle Podcast focuses on careers in the equine industry. Hear from professionals across the horse industry about their career path and how horses remain a part of their everyday lives. Podcast interviews offer insight on a variety of careers, from digital marketing to riding center management to agricultural law, and more. Tune in bi-weekly for advice and life lessons anywhere you listen to podcasts.”

4 thoughts on “Horse-Life Fragrances: What are your favorites?

    1. We have similar “tastes”! It is hard to beat fresh alfalfa. No wonder horses like it so much. And I figured that if you are riding a horse on a mountain trail, you will smell horse AND pine. Unfortunately, it has been a good long while since I have been on a horse and smelled pine at the same time, but it is one of those memories that sticks!


  1. For me its 4, clean leather, and 11, pine (just the smell of tress in general) on the trail.
    My favorite scent wasn’t on the chart tho. I just love when you walk into a horse barn and the overall scent hits ya! It’s a combination of horse sweat, manure, hay, and fresh savings and you just know your in a barn by the smell!

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    1. Yes, you nailed it. That general horse barn smell IS terrific! Someone needs to bottle that into an essential oil or a candle or something. 🙂


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