Shiloh is all wrapped up with the John Whitaker Training Bandages

After the Great British Equinery of Indiana kindly sent Bear and Shiloh a care package last month, I gave positive reviews to the 2020 Harrison Howard Fly Masks and the Hilton Herbs Herballs treats. The final item from the package to review is the John Whitaker Training Bandages!

I must say that these wraps feel great to the touch, look very smart and stay on nicely. I absolutely love the red color, but they also come in black, navy and white to suit a range of tastes. The inner padding is a comfy fleece, and the elasticized part of the wrap feels just right- not too tight or too loose. The training bandages are machine washable and come with a handled storage case so you can keep them together in one place. I am really impressed with these bandages and am pleased to now have them in my tack collection.

I will say that I don’t typically use any kind of bandages/wraps/boots with my horses in my riding. Why then, did I want to review these training bandages? Because even if I don’t use something regularly, I find it useful to keep a few things on hand like bell boots, brush boots, etc . . . that I can have for when the need arises due to injury, skin issues and the like.

Sending out many thanks to the Great British Equinery of Indiana for allowing me to sample these John Whitaker Training Bandages. The Great British Equinery sells the Harrison Howard fly masks, the Hilton Herbs Herballs treats and a whole host of other products. Please check them out at!

6 thoughts on “Shiloh is all wrapped up with the John Whitaker Training Bandages

    1. You know, I was wondering about using pads under polo wraps. I have a couple of pads sets that I bought at used tack sales. They come in handy for me in event of leg injury (and for lining my cat carriers when I take my cats to the vets!), but I have never used them under polo wraps during exercise. I see that in dressage they seem to be used quite frequently.

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      1. The Eskadron pads are specifically made to go under polo wraps. They are ridged and soft so they can dispel heat and even out the pressure of the polos. I like them and with doing lateral work it does provide more protection.

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      2. I will have to check out the Eskadron pads. I know I have been cautioned about damage caused by uneven application of polo wraps as well as potential for heat buildup around the tendons while wearing them. Sound like these pads have the possbility of mitigating some of that.

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