Northwest Horse Source Magazine- Now with Monthly Training Column by Anna Blake

I love to read magazines. If it is about horses, so much the better. In the last ten years, many magazines changed from a monthly to a quarterly format, went completely online or disappeared altogether. I used to subscribe to 12 different horse magazines, most of them arriving in my mail box monthly. Now, I have six subscriptions with only two of them arriving monthly. While I mourn the loss of those magazines (especially the ones no longer around like the Horse Journal and The Gaited Horse Magazine), I am thankful that they have not all disappeared completely.

One magazine that anyone can access for free online is the Northwest Horse Source Magazine. Based out of the State of Washington, it caters to equestrians who live in the Pacific Northwest, but its plethora of magazine articles are relevant to horse owners and riders no matter where they live.

I was pleased to see that starting in their July 2020 issue, they began having Anna Blake write their monthly training column. You may recall hearing her name in some of my previous posts including at where I mentioned her blog “Relaxed and Forward” and her book Relaxed and Forward: Relationship Advice From Your Horse. I really enjoy learning from Anna Blake’s writings and look forward to having another source that features her material.

If you would like to check out the magazine with Anna Blake’s first column, you can view it for free through the link You can read current and past issues online or download them to your computer to save for later. You can also check them out on Facebook or sign up via email to be notified when the next issue is released (usually the first of every month). Happy reading!

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