Barn Hack: Using Bed Sheet Cases to Organize

I am often taking stuff from my house to my barn for re-use. Kind of easy to do if your horses are in your backyard. But even if you board your horse(s) elsewhere, most household items can still be a simple car ride away from the barn.

One of my favorite items to bring to the barn is the zippered plastic cases that contain most brand-new bed sheet sets. These cases are just the right size to hold so many smaller barn items. They are perfect for organizing your tools and accessories and even larger items like halter and leap rope sets. The clear plastic makes it easy to see what you have put inside of it. The zipper is great for keeping out hay, dirt, dust. I can fit a surprising amount of stuff in these cases. And don’t forget organizing items for your horse trailer. If you have a teeny trailer like I do, you will appreciate the benefits of having your stuff separated, organized, easily accessible and protected. These bed sheet cases can help you with that.

Seriously, I like these cases so much, I think it is almost worth it to buy an entire new set of sheets just to get the case.

Here in this case pictured below, I have two bits, a curb strap, a set of bell boots, a clip chain, a set of leather lacing in brown and another in black plus two fold up emergency rain coats. The case isn’t even full yet!

So, what about you? Do you have a favorite household item that always seems to end up at the barn? Let me know in the comments section.

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