Ending August with More Products From The Great British Equinery

As we come towards the last days of August, I thought a final “Summer” themed post would be apt. Fall is my favorite time of year, and while a change of calendar does not necessarily correspond with cooler weather, the arrival of September gives me hope.

Where I live, this past week has been a bit of a scorcher with high temps and humidity. You can bet that I have been riding at dawn again.

Imagine my excitement to receive some more items from the Great British Equinery of Indiana to take my mind off of the heat. I noticed they were hosting a sale, so I decided to purchase another fly mask. I often buy seasonal items at the end of a season with a discount. My goal is usually to keep the items set aside until next year’s season. It is one way for me to keep a few new items on hand at prices more in keeping with my budget.

Along with the fly mask I ordered, Debbie with the Great British Equinery added a bag of the Hilton Herbs Herball treats for Bear and Shiloh to enjoy. See my horse’s review of the Hilton Herbs Herball treats here at https://thebackyardhorseblog.wordpress.com/2020/07/15/bear-and-shiloh-give-the-hilton-herbs-herballs-a-five-star-rating/.

Also in the package was a product that I had not yet tried, Muscle Magic by Hilton Herbs.

Muscle Magic is a massage lotion of sorts with Aloe vera gel and Arnica among other ingredients. The description notes it is a warming gel, but I found it to be a neutral temperature product, leading me to think it would work equally well for hotter and colder climates. Debbie clued me in that I could add some to a bucket of water to make a rinse for the horses. She also noted that she likes to use it on herself to sooth body soreness hence her note implying that the Muscle Magic could be a gift to me as well as the horses. Fun!

Due to the heat of the week, the horses were ready for a bath. I began by giving them their regular “at liberty” shower. Then I brought out a small bucket of water with an added couple of ounces or so of the Muscle Magic. I then sponged each horse down with the solution. Both horses curiously sniffed the bucket and stood quietly while I applied it to their shoulders, back and legs. They tend to exit the scene if they don’t care for something. So I figure their sticking around is the horses’ version of a five-star Muscle Magic review!

+Here Bear and Shiloh are sporting their 2019 Harrison Howard fly masks sold by Great British Equinery. The masks are still in great condition!

In fact, Bear apparently liked the Muscle Magic rinse so much that he tried to drink it after I put down the bucket. I had slipped under the fence to shut off the water spigot, only to see Bear’s nose sinking into the bucket! Now picture middle-aged me moving like Usain Bolt during an Olympic run to interrupt Bear’s slurping. Note to Bear: The Hilton Herbs Herballs are to ingest, NOT the Hilton Herbs Muscle Magic.

Later, after taking care of my steeds, I slathered my feet, legs, back, shoulders and neck down with the Muscle Magic. I like the smell of Arnica. I also like the feeling that it is a less intense product than say menthol which is an ingredient often found in muscle soreness solutions both for man and beast. I do like the menthol products, but I also like having the option of using a different ingredient to accomplish a similar end without the punch of the menthol.

***Please keep in mind that Muscle Magic is not specifically designed for human use. But since the lotion is, I assume, applied to the horse with human hands, I figure there is a reasonable chance that I could successfully use the product. Just wanted to be clear that I am choosing to use this product on myself at my own risk.***

Thank you so very much to Debbie with the Great British Equinery for providing The Backyard Horse Blog with products to test, review and enjoy! Bear and Shiloh would also send their thanks, but their mouths are stuffed full of the Hilton Herbs Herballs at the moment so they can’t speak. 🙂

Remember that Great British Equinery provides friendly service, fast shipping and great products. Check out their offerings at https://greatbritishequinery.com/. Right now on their website, it notes that first responders, military and veterans get a 10% discount. You can also find Great British Equinery on Facebook where their other sales are periodically announced.

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