The Highs and Lows of a Horseman’s Journey

This quote is from the AskAnnie Podcast Facebook page. Part of the online offerings from Horse and Rider Magazine, you can find the AskAnnie Podcast at

While I don’t feel like this all the time, I certainly HAVE and no doubt WILL feel like this sometimes. What I like about this quote is that I think it succinctly communicates the highs and lows of a typical horseman’s journey as we tackle certain challenging experiences with our horses.

The lows can be so frustrating and the highs phenomenally exhilarating. I am not aiming for a roller coaster ride in my horse relationships, but I think every horse relationship I have ever had did contain an “element of roller coaster” at times.

The quote also makes me think that an easy, pleasant day with my horse is something to be treasured.

Maybe nothing terrible happens and maybe nothing spectacular happens, but there lingers this quiet feeling that all is silently right in my world.

I am relaxed and happy in my horse’s presence and hopefully my horse feels the same way in mine- more like floating down a river in an inner tube with my eyes closed than screaming my lungs out while bug eyed as I am on the down-hill swing of a rollercoaster.

Float on, my friends, float on!