Have You Tried the Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer From Epona Products?

A brand-new Tiger’s Tongue on the right and, on the left, the Tiger’s Tongue I have been using since Spring.

Have you tried the Tiger’s Tongue from Epona Products? I got one of these in a gift box last year and finally brought it out to use towards the end of shedding season this Spring. I liked it so much that I bought a second one this Summer so I could have one in each of my horses’ grooming bins.

The Tiger’s Tongue comes in a compression package and then fluffs up to its full size once opened. Its something like a curry, a brush and a sponge all in one product.

While I still suspect that a curry and brush are always going to give you the best deep clean, I like the addition of the Tiger’s Tongue to my grooming tools. It is great for knocking the surface dust off their coats before you apply fly spray or for scrubbing off sweat marks after a ride. You can use it both dry or wet. It is not absorbent like a sponge, but it works pretty well for applying water or a cooling rinse/liniment from a bucket to the horse.

It is tough enough to take dried mud off the coat and yet soft enough to use on the face- just adjust the amount of pressure you use depending upon the job at hand. My horse, Bear, who is known to be sensitive about certain grooming tools, readily accepts my using The Tiger’s Tongue all over, including face, lower legs and even between the hindquarter cheeks where horses often get sweaty on a hot day or after exercise.

I also like the size of this product. If you have arthritic hands or otherwise have trouble gripping smaller grooming tools, you may find this more comfortable to hold than curries or brushes.

You should be aware that The Tiger’s Tongue is made of polyurethane. Some label polyurethane as more environmentally friendly than other plastics due to its durability, but it is still a plastic.

If you are looking to try something a little different to add to your grooming box, you might want to check out the Tiger’s Tongue. It retails for about $7 or so. I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth from the product already this year. You can learn more about the Tiger’s Tongue product from the manufacturer at http://www.eponaproducts.com.

2 thoughts on “Have You Tried the Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer From Epona Products?

  1. This sounds like a really neat and useful product. I know I have nothing like it in my grooming box! I have been looking for something like this that was not super pricey- gonna check out your link! Thanks!

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  2. Interesting I’ve not seen this before. We are now in a major shedding season getting ready for the winter coats to come in so I’m doing a lot of currying to get the hairs out. It will be time for the first winter clip in a few weeks.

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