Attend A Free, Virtual Horse-Fair!

In a previous post at, I detailed my first-time entry in an online horse show.

I had another kind of “online first” in 2020. I attended a virtual horse fair.

The Art of The Horseman online fair took place in late Summer at It offered access to dozens of online horse training and riding videos from a varied group of professionals- over seventy different presentations from some thirty plus professionals from different disciplines.

The Art of The Horseman offers free tickets to participate for a limited time (like 12 to 48 hours). If you want further access to the videos, they offer options at cost.

I chose the free option and did not pay for further access only due to budget issues. If money weren’t an object, I probably would purchase the lifetime access pass so I could take my time going through every video.

Photo taken from the Art of The Horseman website at

To give you some examples, here are three of my favorite fair presenters:

Noah Tillman-Young– Noah operates his training business out of Grace Ranch in Texas USA. I watched a great video of his about trailer loading. I REALLY liked how calm and methodical he was about helping a reluctant horse load. The particular horse in the video presented very much like my Shiloh at the trailer. Not jumping around but not initially getting in the trailer either. I liked Tillman-Young’s video so much that I spent the better part of an afternoon going over his Steady Horse website and Youtube videos. You can see more of Noah Tillman-Young’s material at

Jec Aristotle Ballou– Located in California USA, Jec is the author of horse books including 101 Dressage Exercises and 55 Corrective Exercises For Horses. I have used some of her material in formulating how I work with Shiloh as a re-started horse. In her books, she presents a lot of varied, interesting exercises at the walk which are perfect for Shiloh and me. The video I saw during the fair was her presentation about the horse’s back. She noted the importance of building not only a strong back but a FLEXIBLE back. This was something I hadn’t really thought about before. Jec Aristotle Ballou’s website is

Josh Nichol– Josh hails from Alberta, Canada. The video of his that I saw discussed the rider’s shoulders. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders. Any tension I am feeling results in my lifting my shoulders which lifts me out of the saddle. It is hard to use your seat when you are hovering over your horse. I also tend to drop my shoulders in turns/during lateral movements. So it is a problem for my riding in a lot of ways. Any time I see anything about shoulders and the use thereof in horsemanship, I am held in rapt attention. Visit Josh Nichol’s website at

The next Art of The Horseman online horse fair is scheduled for December 7th and 8th, 2020.

Just like I did for the Summer fair, you can sign up at to receive a free ticket to the fair. The ticket will give you access to the training videos at certain times during the two days. You will then receive not only the free ticket but also email reminders about the start of the fair so you don’t miss it. You can later pay to have lifetime access to all the videos if you choose.

Definitely a great, free learning opportunity for any horse person with internet access!