Riding Through Fall

Fall is my favorite season. The cool, crisp air. The turning of leaves. Everything pumpkin spice.

Unfortunately, Fall also presents some challenges for me in riding my own backyard. My property is situated on flat ground without a lot of tree cover. Nothing blocks the strong winds that often pass through during the Fall season.

As any equestrian knows, wind can make your ride pretty interesting. Maybe your horse feels extra frisky. Maybe the wind keeps blowing dust in your eyes. Maybe it keeps blowing over your dressage cones. Maybe wind keeps re-arranging the obstacle course you hoped would stay standing.

Then there are the temperature fluctuations and eventual arrival of Winter like temperatures with lots of cloud cover. Makes for some cold rides. I rode in 45 degree weather without sun the other day. Burrr.

But for all the challenges of Fall riding, I hope to keep riding as much as I can. Winter isn’t far away. Without a covered outdoor arena or an indoor arena, I am pretty much done riding at home by the end of November if not sooner.

Generally, after stopping riding in November, I don’t start riding at home with any regularity again until around April. I feel sad about this every year. I think the related hashtag would be something like #begratefulforeveryride. I don’t want to take for granted any time I get in the saddle at home before Winter.

Here Shiloh and I ride at the end of September and during the start of Fall winds.

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