Horses and Music

Whenever I hear the word “horse” inside a song, it catches my attention. Of course often the horse mentioned in song is used to represent something else entirely. Even folks who have never touched a horse find powerful the imagery and emotion that horses conjure. It sometimes turns out the song isn’t really about a horse after all. While I do appreciate that type of artistry, I particularly like to listen to music written by horse people for horse people.

Enter the songwriter/singer, Templeton Thompson and her CD’s “Girls and Horses” and the “Songs From Seven Clinics”. Produced in 2006 and 2012 respectively, these CD’s are a well-worn part of my music collection. Coming from the country music genre, Templeton has composed songs for famous artists like Reba McEntire and Jo Dee Messina.

If you followed Julie Goodnight around 2010 or so, you might recognize Templeton’s song “Cowgirl Creed” as the theme song to Goodnight’s Horse Master TV series. Likewise, if you watched the DVD series “7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman”, you will have heard “Songs From Seven Clinics.”

Much of the music of “Girls and Horses” as well as “Songs From Seven Clinics” draws parallels between life in and out of the saddle. From thoughtful to upbeat to tear jerking, the songs and instrumentals strike at our relationship with the horse. Some of my favorites titles are “Ride Before It Rains”, “Follow You Anywhere” and “A Horse That Can Fly”. My favorite sad song is “She Remembers Riding” about an elderly woman who still recalls the horse of her past even while she no longer recognizes her family. If I live long enough, I suspect that will be me. You can find Templeton’s music at If you sign up for her email list, she will send you a free song download.

Singer Mary Ann Kennedy at is another artist with a bunch of songs specifically about riding and horses. Her jaunty tune “Gotta Go Feed” is something like the sound track to my life. My favorite of hers is “The Rhythm of The Ride.” It is a fun song if you like to country swing-dance or ride a posting trot.

“The rhythm of the ride. It’s a natural high. Two hearts beat and four feet fly. We are moving as one. Hoof beats are the perfect drum. To the rhythm. The rhythm of the ride.”

Mary Ann Kennedy

I went heavy on the American country music with this post. I am sure readers know that with the presence of horses across time, place and history, equines are by no means unique to this style of music. There are a ton of other artists singing about them across different music genres, languages and time periods.

No matter our diverse tastes and preferences, we can find common ground with the horse. You may not prefer my music. I may not agree with your politics. Maybe we have different religious faiths. Our backgrounds and world views could be like night and day. Despite all that, I bet we could go for a ride together and have a smashing good time. I love that about our four-legged steeds.

What songs about horses stand out to you?

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    1. Ah, yes. “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain.” I’m humming it now . . .

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