Checked Out Horse Nation Lately?

Horse Nation is one of my favorite websites. It is a nice mix of informative articles about horse care/riding and op-eds about happenings in the horse world. It also includes some “newspaper comics” material with its “Idea of Order” series and other light-hearted features. Here is a roundup of my recent article favorites:

Ashley Francese wrote an article titled “What to Do When You and Your Horse Don’t See Eye to Eye.” Many of us have ended up with a horse that we didn’t quite click with very well. The author notes lots of great ways to approach this situation at

Mary Lynne Carpenter (that’s me) details her reflections on matching our horses’ interests and abilities with our own riding ambitions. Read it at

Dr. Darby Bonomi is a PhD Sport and Performance Psychologist. She wrote an encouraging article about changing our focus from how our body LOOKS on a horse to how our body FUNCTIONS on a horse. View it at

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Checked Out Horse Nation Lately?

  1. Great article on Horse Nation! I can definitely relate and see the importantance of going the same direction as my horses! I often wish horses could speak, but slowly & surely I am learning that they do just in their own way.

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    1. Yup, horses sure do communicate with us, but I struggle myself to listen sometimes. It is an ongoing process with many layers. Frustrating and exciting in equal measure. You have a large herd so I bet you gets lots of great practice in reading horses! How cool is that. Congratulations on your newest herd member, by the way. What fun for your sister and you.


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