Visited The Backyard Horse Blog over at Pinterest?

So my horse, Bear, wants to know! Have you visited The Backyard Horse Blog over at Pinterest yet?

When I began The Backyard Horse Blog in January 2020, I chose a free WordPress program to host the site. I have nothing to compare it to since this is the only blog I have started so far, but I am overall happy with the free site.

An unfortunate downside to many free programs is that you are limited in the features/plug-ins you can offer. This hampers my ability to link my blog posts to some platforms.

I find it funny that the only outside platform that I participate in (Pinterest) is a plug-in NOT supported by my free WordPress program.

On the blog website at the bottom of each blog post, you will see buttons for sharing my posts to Twitter and Facebook but not for Pinterest. Bummer.

Even though I can’t seamlessly move The Backyard Horse Blog posts to Pinterest, I have been able to pin some content from The Backyard Horse Blog over to the Pinterest site using back door methods. And of course it is fun to build boards with pins from other horse pages. Neat to see so many folks sharing their creativity on Pinterest.

Maybe someday with a website upgrade, I will be able to access that coveted Pinterest plug-in. In the mean time, go to to follow along with The Backyard Horse Blog on Pinterest and check out The Backyard Horse Blog boards and pins.

Also, if you have an equestrian Pinterest site of your own, please post the link in the comments below! I’d love to see what everyone else is up to on Pinterest!

2 thoughts on “Visited The Backyard Horse Blog over at Pinterest?

    1. Likewise, Reese! I like following you over on Pinterest through your Horses of the Ozark Hills pins and boards as well as the Backyard Horse Owners Group that you started. Thank you for following along!


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