Just Enjoying The Ride

Last week in my area, a period of unusually warm weather was coming to a close. I managed to squeeze in one last ride before the more seasonable weather returned.

I decided to take Shiloh out for a little walk in our South pasture with our only agenda to enjoy the weather. I don’t often ride Shiloh there due to the uneven footing. It is okay for walking but not much more. I had never even taken him out to the South fence line.

I figured he might be a little nervous about our new riding venue. I decided to test the waters. I made sort of very big, long serpentines where we’d go out only so far before heading back closer to the barn.

I expected to feel him speed up heading back to the barn and slow down turning away, but he actually did the opposite! It finally dawned on me that he actually WANTED to go out further. Leaving our “safe” area nearer to the barn wasn’t an issue. I was the nervous one not him! So on we went for a mini adventure around the South pasture.

We visited the neighbor’s cows.

We checked the tree branches that could have used some trimming like yesterday.

We observed the farm equipment finishing harvesting and prepping the soil for next year.

Then we circled around to a nice patch of leaves. I have not been fortunate enough yet to take Shiloh out on a trail ride. One of the things I really miss about trail riding is riding in the Fall when all the leaves are gathering on the paths. I love that crunch, crunch, crunch sound under the horses’ hooves. Tree cover is sorely lacking at my place, but along the far fence line there was a little section of fallen leaves to walk across. Those ten seconds of crunching were like music to my ears.

At the end of the ride, I decided to dismount away from the barn along the South fence line. The bitless bridle and the reins with the buckle ends made it easy for me to unhook one rein end so I could hold the reins like a lead rope. I let Shiloh graze as a little reward for being so adventurous.

Thanks for the ride, Shiloh!

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