Yes, I know it is Cyber Monday today, but I wanted to post a reminder about tomorrow’s Giving Tuesday.

Created in 2012, #Givingtuesday refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. Wikipedia defines it as “a global movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.”

If there has ever been a year that horse rescues and other non-profit equine organizations need help, the year 2020 ranks high on the list. If you are in a position to do so, please consider participating in Giving Tuesday this year. YOU can make a difference!

Remember, too, that if you live in the USA, the CARES act has a provision that allows for a 2020 tax deduction on up to $300 in cash donations to 501(c)3 charitable organizations even if you don’t itemize. Contact the Internal Revenue Service through http://www.irs.gov or your tax professional for more information.

“. . due to the coronavirus pandemic and the CARES Act that was passed in March to provide relief for it, charitable donations of up to $300 can be deducted for 2020 tax purposes, even if you don’t itemize on this year’s return… Here’s what that means. Normally, if you don’t itemize and give away $300, you get none of that back in tax savings. This year, if you give away $300, the IRS won’t tax you on $300 of income. If your tax rate, based on your total income, is 22%, that means you effectively get $66 of your donation back”.

From the USA Today Newsletter dated 11/23/20

Don’t know where to donate? Read on for a few ideas.

    Every dollar counts in a big way when running an all-volunteer rescue organization or operating on a tiny budget. If you don’t know of any local horse rescues off the top of your head, a quick Google search should give you some options. In addition to cash donations, many need donations of physical items and volunteer time/labor. If you aren’t already aware, you might be amazed to learn about the rescue work that goes on in your own community.
  2. SADDLE UP AND READ- A 501(c)3 charitable organization Have you heard the podcast Young Black Equestrians? One of the YBE co-hosts, Caitlin Gooch, is also the founder of Saddle Up And Read, a literacy program that combines the wonderful worlds of reading and horses. From the Saddle Up and Read website, “Saddle Up and Read is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Wendell, NC. Saddle Up And Read is on a mission to encourage youth to achieve literary excellence through equine activities. In 2017, founder Caitlin Gooch noticed the literacy rates in North Carolina were low. Caitlin acted immediately by creating an incentive with a local library. As a prize for reading, this incentive included a day at her father’s horse farm. The only requirement was for children to check out 3 or more books from the library. It turned out to be a great success which led to Saddle Up And Read (SUAR).” Visit the program at https://www.saddleupandread.org/ to learn more or donate. Saddle Up and Read also offers for purchase t-shirts featuring their eye-catching logo.
  3. WILD HORSE EDUCATION- A 501(c)3 charitable organization I mentioned the non-profit Wild Horse Education in my post “For The Wild Ones,” at https://thebackyardhorseblog.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/for-the-wild-ones/. WHE works to not only educate the public about wild horse and burro issues but also to film and document horses on the range and those controversial government round ups. WHE explains to the public why it is important to keep wild horses and burros on the range instead of removing them. While the Bureau of Land Management continually puts out information stating that horses are starving in mass numbers and destroying land, the WHE provides ample evidence to the contrary. WHE also advocates for wild horses and burros on a national level working with government law makers to try to improve protections for these animals. Protections were enacted into law almost fifty years ago but are continually manipulated and trampled on by competing interests. Go to https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/11/28/countdown-2021-public-top-ten/. There you will see their blog post about the important work they did in 2020 AND this photo below. Look for this photo to click and donate BETWEEN DECEMBER 1st THROUGH DECEMBER 6th to have YOUR DONATION DOUBLED!


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