Let’s Talk About An Eclectic Approach to Horses

ECLECTIC- Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles

Definition from http://www.yourdictionary.com

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you may have noticed that I like pulling from different discplines and training styles. I don’t stick to one discipline or one training philosophy. I don’t object to others who do. It’s just that has not been my particular path. I’m constantly gathering information from one source or another.

Some folks might see this as a rather scattered approach to learning about horses, but for me, I see patterns. The details might be different, but I often find deep connections between seemingly dissimilar styles of riding.

Sure, breeds and disciplines have their distinct differences. Even so, they are still dealing with the basic nature and mechanics of the horse’s mind and body. Take away all of the trappings, and a horse is a horse.

I like to learn about the “whys” and “hows” of various styles so I have a well-stocked pantry of information I can use at home with my backyard horses. I’ve often thought working with them is a lot like cooking. On a good day, I combine different ingredients to create one delicious result.

In recognition of that fact, I like to post a variety of links to different horse professionals. I know that not everything shared on this blog will be appealing to all readers. And not everyone likes an eclectic approach. Nevertheless, I hope that all readers will find something at some point that resonates deeply and is helpful to your own horsemanship journey.

So continuing in this same eclectic vein today, I share a link to a video from CRK Training at https://www.crktrainingblog.com/better-riding/arm-position-for-riders-hands-at-the-withers/. Callie King from Honey Brook Stables shares her expertise via her CRK Training Blog. Most of her material comes in short articles and video clips illustrating a basic riding principle, exercise, etc . . . She comes mainly from a hunter/jumper background but has experience in other disciplines too.

I find I can apply a lot of her information even though I don’t ride in a huntseat saddle at home. The material is easily digestible, and for someone like me with an unsteady internet connection, I appreciate the short video clips that play better than lengthy ones.

The most recent video clip I saw was about arm position in the saddle. She talks about how rider conformation plays a roll in rider arm position. This caught my attention.

As someone built with short arms and legs myself, I constantly struggle to find some kind of effective riding position. As horse people, we hear lots of talk about horse conformation and how it enhances or limits horse athleticism. We hear less often about how rider conformation does the same for the human.

On a side note, Callie rides in a bitless bridle for this episode. Readers may remember that I ride my horse, Shiloh, in a bitless bridle. I don’t have a whole lot of experience viewing how other peoples’ horses go in bitless get ups, so I found it super interesting to see.

While you are on the CRK site at https://www.crktrainingblog.com/, check out their other offerings. Whether you are a beginner rider or further along, I think you will find something useful on her site that you can go right out and apply during your next ride. I got word that Callie has a book coming out soon too. I’m definitely looking forward to reading that one!