Horsin’ Around with Puzzles

Do you like to complete puzzles? I’m not a fan of the one-thousand-piece wheat field puzzle. But a puzzle with horses? Now I like that!

I recently stumbled upon the website I’m A Puzzle. It allows you to put together puzzles online. The site provides galleries of photos, including horse ones, to be made into virtual puzzles. For even more fun, you can upload your own photo as I did with the above photo. It shows my horse, Bear, and me when we lived in Colorado and took lessons from a reining horse trainer. Those folks sure do canter a lot of circles.

You don’t need any kind of plugin or app to use I’m A Puzzle. You simply select a picture, game mode (puzzle piece shape) and game difficulty (number of puzzle pieces). You then click “create”. And voilà! Your virtual puzzle appears onscreen. Finally, press “start” and your puzzle will display with all its pieces separated.

Now the fun of putting the puzzle back together begins. A timer tracks your work. You know you’ve correctly added a new piece to the puzzle when you drag it onto the board and the piece pops off the screen in a 3D kind of way and then snaps into place. No pop and snap? It means the pieces don’t go together.

When you play, the website gives you a generic ID that you can leave as is or customize with your information. The time it takes to finish the puzzle is tracked against other players (or just yourself in the case of selecting your own uploaded picture). You can see your time/rank as compared to other players for those of you who like to engage in some competition.

When you complete the puzzle, confetti comes down across your screen. Very reinforcing!

You clicker trainers out there will appreciate that the confetti coming down was definitely a click and treat moment for me. I couldn’t wait to do another puzzle after that first confetti reward! Never mind that it took me like one hundred times as long to complete my first gallery puzzle as the fastest-ranked player.

If you are rearing to give it a go, head on over to I’m A Puzzle and their horse gallery at


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