Movin’ on Up: The Backyard Horse Blog gets its own website

When I started this blog in January 2020, I decided to use a WordPress-hosted, free site at I wasn’t really sure if I’d take to blogging so a free site seemed a harmless way to test the waters.

After almost a year of blogging, I recently got an invitation to host an affiliate link for Trafalgar Square Publishing’s HorseandRiderbooks website. Affiliate links allow the hosting website to earn money every time a reader purchases an item after clicking on the affiliate link.

Horses and reading are high on my “favorites” list. I knew I had to take advantage of this hosting invitation, but there was a problem. My free site didn’t seem to allow me to post affiliate links. At the same time, I balked at the price of purchasing a self-hosted website that would allow me to display them. I had a dilemma on my hands.

Lo and behold, within days of learning about the affiliate opportunity, I received an email offer for a substantial discount on the price of a self-hosted website. Talk about kismet. Now The Backyard Horse Blog has evolved into having its very own web address at

And here is The Backyard Horse Blog’s very own affiliate link to HorseandRider Books:

The Backyard Horse Blog can now earn money every time a reader clicks on the affiliate link and purchases an item. I enjoy making money. My backyard horses enjoy when I take said money and purchase treats for them. It all comes full circle, right?

My first improvement to the website was adding a Pinterest sharing link to the bottom of each post. Pinterest is so far the only social media platform where I participate. I am excited to have readers now be able to share content with Pinterest via one simple button click.

I have further website improvements in mind, but the structural process of upgrading the blog is new to me. And a little scary. I will be taking the month of December to learn about the new features available to me as I make changes to the blog website.

I still plan to post blog content this month, but if the blog momentarily goes dark or you notice some inconsistencies, please see them as part of my blogging learning-process and not as an intention to jump ship.

It’s kind of like when you put yourself out there in a horse show arena with the best of intentions. You are looking for things to go well, but you are also aware that things sometimes go sideways. You might go off pattern in a dressage test, hit a barrel during a run or let the cow sneak back to the herd after a cut. When we dare to act, we dare to fail. For better or worse, it’s all part of life.

Long story short, I look forward to continuing the blog as I try to implement some structural changes within the new site. Hopefully all will go smoothly, but since you are along for the ride, you might want to check your girth.

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    1. Thank you, Reese! I have made a number of major changes to the website but still have some things I can’t quite figure out. It is a fun, interesting and frustrating process all at the same time.


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