Review- Face Mask Coverlet (Snowflake Horse Winter Holiday Design) by The Painting Pony

If there is something that equestrians face constantly, it is risk. I weigh risk at the barn on a daily basis. Every time I am with my horses on the ground. Every time I put a foot in the stirrup. As horsemen, we assess the risks of interacting with our horses and implement appropriate safety measures. We also deal with the very real outcomes of our safety decisions. As a backyard horse keeper, this is something I do on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

There are no guarantees of absolute safety in working with horses. We try to make smart decisions while going about our daily horse lives. We want to continue to do what we love.

Weighing the risk of contracting the Corona virus (or unwittingly being a silent carrier and passing it on to others) is not dissimilar to me. I make adjustments to when- how much- at what distance I interact with others in an effort to mitigate risk while still living my life. Even though a vaccine is on the horizon (Update: this post was written BEFORE vaccines were produced), it looks like mask-wearing to lower the spread of the virus will be recommended by health officials for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for a mask specifically for Winter, check out the Snowflake Horse Winter Holiday Face Mask Coverlet by The Painting Pony.

When I first saw it online, the beautiful design and bright colors (red or blue) caught my eye. When I read that it contained a pocket to add a disposable earloop mask, I knew I had to order one. What a great idea! While the mask may be touted as a holiday mask, I think the universal Winter design will make it appropriate for wearing until Spring.

I recently wore the coverlet with disposable mask to a group riding lesson and to a schooling show. I wore the combination in the barns but also took the mask off to ride. I was able to take the mask off easily even while wearing my riding helmet. The coverlet was comfortable to wear and stayed in place well. Having two earloops did not irritate the skin on the backs of my ears. While the combination of a coverlet and disposable mask might be a bit too much cover in the heat of Summer, it works for Winter.

The 100% polyester mask coverlet, size 7″ x 3.5″ is machine washable. Please note that it does not come with a disposable face mask. You provide your own. While there are certainly cheaper masks available, the lovely design and the coverlet feature made it worth the price to me.

Go to to order. While the coverlet is the only item I have ordered from The Painting Pony, I wouldn’t mind having many of the other items I saw advertised on their site. Looks like a great place to buy all sorts of fun and attractive horse-themed items!

**** Please note this review was unsolicited and uncompensated by The Painting Pony. 🙂