***Please note today’s post will be my only blog post this week. After celebrating the reason for the Christmas season, next week I plan to resume my typical 3X a week posting schedule. ***

“Every time a person writes, for the public or not, he or she is connected to all who have ever felt that magnificent charge of communication through the written word- whether carved in ancient hieroglyphics or glowing in code across our computers… there will always be the brilliant conspiracy between author and reader.” – Betsy Lerner in The Forest For The Trees

This quote from the book, The Forest For The Trees: An Editor’s Advice to Writers, anchors the written work across time and space. If a writer chooses to share their thoughts, the writing lives a life of its own beyond the author. It becomes part of the reader too. In the best case scenario, the writer’s words leave an impact, giving the reader something of value to take with them when they close the book or power down the screen (or leave the Egyptian temple in the case of reading hieroglyphics?).

Maybe the reader finds a moment of relaxation through entertainment. Maybe a parcel of information they can apply to their own lives. Maybe the inspiration to think about an issue from a different perspective. Maybe the motivation to try something new. To me, this must be part of that “brilliant conspiracy between author and reader” that Betsy Lerner described. I hope that The Backyard Horse Blog has entertained, informed or inspired you, the readers, at some point this year.

In preparation for 2021, I finished The Backyard Horse Blog website update. I still have a few future tweaks in mind, but the main changes stand complete. I felt some frustration, but the process went much better than I anticipated. The blog did not explode. I did not cry even once. I have to say I am impressed with the use of the blog hosting program, WordPress, for a non-techie like me.

If you receive The Backyard Horse Blog posts via email and don’t typically visit the website to read the posts, please head on over to http://www.thebackyardhorseblog.com.

Take a look at the new set up. Click through the site. My backyard horses encourage you to have some fun and run with it!

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