A Blast From The Past

This model horse photo is proof that everything really can live forever on the internet. If you have a minute, let me tell you the story.

When I first got internet service at home in the late 90’s, I was thrilled to see all the model horse activity taking place online. I participated in the model horse hobby as a child and then picked the hobby back up in my twenties. I wasn’t riding any live horses at that time, but horses were never far from my thoughts. Model horses were a perfect bridge to all things equine for that stage of my life cerca 1998 or so.

I loved researching and collecting model horses. I also loved photo showing and live showing. In the year 2000, I even attended Breyerfest, a huge yearly celebration of all things model horse that takes place at The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

I was never very good at making model horse tack, but I had some success making obstacles and photo backgrounds for model horse showing. I had an awesome camera at that time that allowed for taking really good pictures. It was so much fun setting up performance classes and capturing those scenes on film.

While browsing the internet recently, I came across this 2001 web page from Cindy Cilker, aka The Mini Tack Girl. Cindy used to make a variety of model horse tack. I was shocked to see my name and quote still on her site.

Mary Lynne Carpenter reports: “Thanks so much for the awesome mini parade set you made for my custom Morgan model stallion, Justin The Nick Of Time, back in November. The set with the stallion had its first show debut at the Great Lakes Congress show along with a parade flag and a mini rider I had painted to match the flag. In the mini division, they were the only parade entry and so took first and NAN qualified. Out of the entire mini other performance division, however, they took reserve champion of the division. I had many compliments on the set. Thanks so much!”

Quoted from http://cg4.tripod.com/wins2001.html

The website also includes a quote from Megan, the person that I eventually sold Justin The Nick of Time to as well as his parade tack set.

Then Megan, of Still Water Farms wrote in October 2001: “I purchased the parade set from Mary Lynne Carpenter (w/ her Morgan SM CM by Pope). He came w/ photos, NAN cards, and awards. I have not had a chance to show him live yet (I just got him this summer) but am planning to soon. I have won several photo show championships w/ your costume and have had a couple people ask me to buy it.”

Quoted from http://cg4.tripod.com/wins2001.html

My first thought when I saw the picture of Justin The Nick of Time on the web page was why in the world did I sell that really nice model horse and tack set?!? Then it hit me. The year that I sold the model was 2001. That was also the same year I bought my first horse, Blue.

The model horse hobby can be quite expensive, and I recall that I couldn’t afford to maintain my model horse collection AND support a live horse. So I sadly sold off my beloved model horse string. I still miss those models to this day, but their sale allowed me to live out my dream of finally having a live horse of my own.

I am not currently involved in the model horse world, but I like to read updates and keep tabs on the hobby from afar. For example, I really enjoy following the blog “Kristian Beverly: Books. Horses. Plastic Ponies” at https://kristianbeverly.com.

The author is an equestrian as well as a model horse hobbyist. She takes beautiful pictures and likes setting up those performance shots as I once did (see https://kristianbeverly.com/2020/12/12/photo-showing-is-fun/) . If you are interested in model horses, please check out her blog.

The world of model horse has its own history, lingo, rules, etc . . . It can be a little overwhelming to the uninitiated. But if you have a background with live horses, you will catch on quickly. It really is a fun, interesting hobby with many different facets.

If you are not familiar with the model horse hobby at all, you might also want to read the following model horse primer at https://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/introduction-to-the-hobby.html#/. This link is out of the UK, but the information it contains generally applies to the hobby in the USA too.

Finally, if you want to click through some model horse pictures, go to The Backyard Horse Blog Pinterest page and view the Model Horse board at https://www.pinterest.com/thebackyardhorseblog/model-horses/.

So many beautiful horses and engaging performance scene set ups to see. The talent that is out there in the model horse world is amazing.

And remember, for better or worse, everything really can live forever on the internet.