Product Review: Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer

Please note: This post was unsolicited and uncompensated by Wahl. My long-awaited cordless trimmer finally arrived! Pandemic effects understandably resulted in reduced production at the Wahl factory. The trimmers that I ordered over Black Friday weekend in November arrived mid-February. I am pleased to report the trimmer was definitely worth the wait. The Wahl Arco… Continue reading Product Review: Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer

Congratulations to Our Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Our Winter 2021 Contest Winners! For those of you unaware, The Backyard Horse Blog hosted a Winter 2021 contest in recognition of its own first birthday. Always fun to celebrate those types of firsts. They only come around once. Congratulations to our two winners, Reese and WeAreOnTheLoose! Winners get their choice of one… Continue reading Congratulations to Our Contest Winners!

Free Horse Book for Download!

Photo taken from Here is a free, downloadable ebook from Trafalgar Square Publishing! Available, through their horseandriderbooks website, the free book is titled "Eco-Horse Keeping: Over 100 budget-friendly ways you and your horse can help save the planet." I still have not read all the way through it yet, but it looks to contain… Continue reading Free Horse Book for Download!

Does Your Horse Wear A Grazing Muzzle During Winter?

I'll get to the specific topic of this post in a minute, but first, I've got something for you folks who like to win free horse-prizes. Greenguard Muzzle is hosting a contest. The prize is a free grazing muzzle valued at about $99 along with a few other related items. Contest ends March 30th, 2021.… Continue reading Does Your Horse Wear A Grazing Muzzle During Winter?

Obstacle Idea: Using Traffic Cone Bars

Traffic cone bars! Where have you been all my life? I had no clue until recently that they even existed. I stumbled upon them online and quickly acquired a pair. I mentioned in previous posts my fondness for riding through obstacles. I love incorporating them in both riding and groundwork routines. Unfortunately, the greatest difficulty… Continue reading Obstacle Idea: Using Traffic Cone Bars