Snow Days

February is shaping up to be a cold and snowy month in my neck of the woods. Long stretches of below freezing day time temperatures. Sub-zero wind chills at night. It all makes for very limited riding at home.

My horses live in my backyard, but I miss them all Winter. Most other seasons, I love riding and doing groundwork. I also enjoy just hanging out with my horses while they eat or graze. But during Winter? I find it painful to be outside for more than the necessary barn chores. Regularly hanging out with the horses pretty much goes by the wayside as does frequent riding and groundwork. I cherish the times the wind dies down, or the sun peaks out, and I can do some activities with them.

On those rare days, we might plow through the snow bareback. Maybe practice trying to make semi- recognizable patters in the snow (above you can see my attempt at making a ridden question mark with Shiloh- walking in a straight line, halting, doing a turn on the forehand and following the same path back out). Or I might groom them and take photos. Horses look especially beautiful to me in Winter with their long, wooly coats set against the backdrop of snow.

As we brace today for yet another Midwestern snow storm, I am looking forward to better weather days in the upcoming months.

5 thoughts on “Snow Days

    1. Thank you, Reese! I’m not a fan of long Midwestern Winters, but I do think riding bareback in the snow is quite fun.


    1. Thank you, Anne! Shiloh has a great back for riding without a saddle- quite comfy. It is a good workout too. I always feel my core muscles during and after a bareback ride in a way I usually don’t when riding with a saddle. Speaking of envy, I wish I could take Shiloh out on the tree-filled trail that you enjoy with your horse, Biasini! Your trail rides in the snow look so fun.

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      1. I am so lucky that the farm has about 40 acres and trails in the forest. Also those trails link up to the York Regional Forest and I can go on those trails as well. I don’t tend to go off the farm property in the winter when there is snow as one of the hills in the York forest is a favorite spot for tobogganing. I dont think Biasini would thing too much of that. Also we just go for about 45 minutes in the cold weather.

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