Product Review: Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer

Please note: This post was unsolicited and uncompensated by Wahl.

My long-awaited cordless trimmer finally arrived! Pandemic effects understandably resulted in reduced production at the Wahl factory. The trimmers that I ordered over Black Friday weekend in November arrived mid-February. I am pleased to report the trimmer was definitely worth the wait.

The Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer features 5 blades in 1 with the cutting lengths #9,#10,#15,#30 and #40. There is a small lever on one side of the clipper that allows for easy changing between the lengths. The trimmer is lightweight (less than 8 ounces), quiet and comes in an understated, attractive champagne color.

I didn’t realize when I bought the trimmer that I was also getting a plastic carrying case, an extra battery, instruction booklet, corded charging base with indicator light, four snap on guard combs, cleaning brush and a small container of blade oil. A welcome bonus!

I wrote previously about my general preference to keep some kind of bridle path on my horses. I also have a preference for using cordless trimmers due to the lack of electricity in my barn. When the battery on the cordless trimmers I previously owned turned out not to be replaceable, I started my search for a new trimmer. You can read those posts at and

The temperatures in my area are slowly rising. But it is still Winter. I desperately wanted to clean up my horses’ bridle paths. They had become ridiculously long since the Fall. But I didn’t want to remove all the hair like I often do during the Summer. We could easily experience a March cold snap.

As a compromise, I horizontally shortened the lengths of my horses’ current bridle paths without removing all the hair. My new cordless trimmers worked seamlessly for this purpose. It is an advantage to have the 5-in-1 blades. I can take off more hair or less hair with the simple move of a lever.

Since I have only used my new Wahl Arco trimmer once on the horses, I can’t speak to the trimmer’s longevity. My corded Wahl trimmers still function after almost 20 years so I am hopeful about the life span of the new trimmer.

If you are looking for a new cordless trimmer, I definitely recommend the Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer. Go to to learn more about the Wahl trimmer line. The Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer retails for about $124 USD. You can find the them for sale at many small tack shops as well as major retailers like, SmartPak Equine and Riding Warehouse.

Shiloh and Bear looking forward to the month of March and the start of Spring!

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    1. I am really happy with the trimmer. The carrying case with all the accessories is great too. I like having something “fancier” than a plastic bag to keep all my clipping stuff together. 🙂

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