The Backyard Horse Blog Podcast, Season 1, Episode 1

I tried something new this past weekend! The Backyard Horse Blog recorded its first podcast episode by turning a previous blog post, Tale of a Horse Care Fail, into an audio format.

The under-four-minutes episode also includes a 30 second ad that I recorded for the podcast hosting program, Anchor. The Backyard Horse Blog can earn money for every listen each episode receives.

If you enjoy this sort of medium, check it out at

6 thoughts on “The Backyard Horse Blog Podcast, Season 1, Episode 1

  1. you did a wonderful job!!! will add this link when I get my first anchor one up – this was very helpful. was wondering – did anchor offer you a choice of using an advert that they pre-recorded by their own people?

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    1. What a nice surprise! Thank you for including me in your blog post. I see that you, too, took a dive into podcasting. I got back out of the podcasting pool after doing my Episode 1, but I have been toying with doing a second episode this Winter. In any case, it is fun to explore a new kind of medium, right?

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