The Spring 2021 Equine Affaire Goes Virtual

I have not yet attended an Equine Affaire, but I plan to this year. Virtually, that is.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Equine Affaire is essentially a horse festival. Large, expo-center venues are filled with multi-discipline presentations, competitions, vendors and, of course, horses. It takes place twice a year in the USA, during early Spring in Ohio and during late Fall in Massachusetts, over the span of a long weekend.

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The 2021 Spring Equine Affaire is now scheduled as a virtual event. Normally, the costs to attend Equine Affaire are considerable when you add up the price of tickets, travel, food and lodging. This 2021 Spring event is FREE. Anyone with internet access can participate from anywhere in the world.

“COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect each and every one of us, our surroundings, and our businesses . . . Equine Affaire in Ohio on April 8-11, 2021, will not take place as an “in-person” event. The Ohio Expo Center is currently being utilized by Columbus Health and will continue to serve as a COVID-19 testing site . . . It is also slated to be a location for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines . . .”

“The virtual Equine Affaire will occur online on April 8-11, 2020, complete with education, shopping, competition and more! Stay tuned to our web site,, and social media platforms as we connect attendees with exhibitors and other virtual content, plus exciting updates about upcoming events and special features.”

From the Equine Affair website

In viewing the Equine Affaire website, I noticed that it still displays a “purchase tickets” button. I found this confusing as normally “free” means there is no need to purchase. When I clicked on “purchase tickets,” I was taken to a web page that confirms the 2021 Spring Equine Affaire will be free with no ticket purchasing required. Instructions prompted me to click on a “virtual event website” link. I then saw the following information.

“THE VIRTUAL EVENT LINK AND CONTENT WILL BECOME ACTIVE ON APRIL 8, 2021, AT 9:00AM. YOU WILL CLICK ON THE “VIRTUAL EVENT” LINK, ENTER YOUR REGISTRATION DETAILS AND RECEIVE ACCESS TO ALL PROGRAMMING, GUIDES AND VIRTUAL EVENT CONTENT ON-DEMAND. The virtual Equine Affaire will be FREE for all viewers and will be presented as a digital event program –your traditional event guide for everything at Equine Affaire, including all that you’re accustomed to finding in the print format plus much, much more! From shopping guides and enhanced advertising to on-demand educational presentations, interviews with clinicians and performers, fun competition and other interactive event highlights you won’t want to miss the virtual Equine Affaire this spring!”

From the Equine Affair website

Go to to learn more.

How about you? Do you plan to “attend” the 2021 Spring Equine Affaire?

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