Horses Off The Grid

Have you read the book by Foster Huntington, Off Grid Life: Your Ideal Home in the Middle of Nowhere? Published in 2020, the book describes in words and pictures a number of “small structure” options for living. If you have ever been curious about living in something like a cabin, yurt or tiny house, you will find this book of interest.

I am charmed when I read a “non-equestrian” book and manage to locate even a passing reference to horses. Imagine my delight when I realized Off Grid Life‘s final chapter includes a section about living out of a truck and horse trailer!

For that final book chapter, the author interviews Aniela Gottwald who is a documentary film maker, founder of the nonprofit Riding Wild and a long-distance rider. Long distance as in traveling from Mexico to Canada on horseback.

Nobody lives that adventure without help along the way. For Aniela, it is her mother who lives in the truck and horse trailer while Aniela is out riding. Her mother meets up with Aniela at designated points along the way.

Even if an off-grid lifestyle with horses doesn’t seem realistic to you, I suspect many of you have fantasized about it just as I have. I know the adventures of the Lady Long-Rider, Bernice Ende, have long been of interest to me. You can read my post about her at

I also remember reading about horse trainer and clinician, Stacy Westfall, who went on the road with her family and horses. They crossed the country over a year or so before settling back to live once again in the Midwest. I picture it much like RV living with the addition of horses-in-tow.

While I personally don’t foresee living this way beyond more than a weekend camping trip, I think the idea of living nomadically with horses will always spark my imagination. And who knows. Stranger things have happened. After all, as long as I had my horses with me where ever I went, I could still subscribe to a favorite adage. “Home is Where My Horses Are.”

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  1. Yes how cool would that be. I often imagine if we lost everything how would we survive & this would be it, mind you I would have the horses in the backseat & as I’d be designated driver, towing the float all decked out, as my Mum doesn’t have a licence. Horse set belts mmm how. lol. Fantastic blog for my nutty imagination. Thankyou.

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    1. What fun! I like how your mind works! No man or horse left behind, right?
      The closest I’ve come in real life to something like that is when I drove miniature horses in a mini van. The van had the back interior section removed and two little tie stalls built for the minis. Even had a ramp for the horses to navigate to get into the back of the van. The vehicle was made especially for the therapeutic riding center where I used to work. We took the miniatures to schools, fairs, nursing homes and the like. Not quite like having a full-size horse in your backseat but still pretty cool.
      Thank you for reading my post and leaving your comment! Dream on!

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