New Shopping Discount For The Backyard Horse Blog Readers!

Great British Equinery of Indiana now offers a discount code to The Backyard Horse Blog readers!

Why Great British Equinery? My first review on The Backyard Horse Blog was of a set of fly masks I bought from Great British Equinery of Indiana. Since that time, Great British Equinery has periodically sent me products to test and review on this blog. If you’ve read The Backyard Horse Blog for awhile, you will have seen previous posts about those reviews. For a recap, check out this link at

Interested in reading someone else’s thoughts about the products they sell? Some readers may remember that I awarded a Great British Equinery gift certificate during a previous blog contest. The winner of that gift certificate is the author of her own blog, Horses of The Ozark Hills. She reviewed on her blog the products that she chose with that gift certificate. Read her own product reviews at

The Backyard Horse Blog readers can now get a 10% discount when they shop at Great British Equinery with a special coupon code! Even on sale items! Enter this coupon code at checkout: BYHB

There is currently no particular time-limit on this offer, but since we all know nothing lasts forever, be sure to head on over to their site soon. Go see if there is something you might like to buy this weekend at!

***For inquiring minds who want to know, Shiloh in the photo above sports a Harrison Howard fly mask in the color teal.***

10 thoughts on “New Shopping Discount For The Backyard Horse Blog Readers!

  1. Its so great that people are connecting through blogging & other social media, passing the goodness along, great for wonderful generous businesses & all walks of magnificent horses & their pets, such as your wonderful self.

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    1. It is definitely fun to be a part of a supportive network of equestrian writers and readers. Nobody really does anything by themselves. A business needs to have customers. A blogger likes to have readers. Readers like to have material to enjoy. When we can come together and give each other a shout out, it is refreshing to me. Thank you for being part of the network!

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    1. Thank you, da-Al! As for the podcast (or essay on tape, as I like to call it), I wrote in the link to it below. I do like the Anchor podcast program that is now linked to WordPress- easy to use for even the uninitiated. If I had to do it over again, I would give a little introduction rather than just starting right in to read my essay. But after doing so many re-takes just to try to read my own essay without making mistakes, I don’t have the heart yet to try for another re-do! Maybe in the future? Anyhow, if you are interested in making a podcast for your own purposes with Anchor, I’d say give it a go!

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