Want to Improve Your Horse Care? Use Your Senses!

During this week, I am reblogging some of my favorite old posts with some updates.

The Backyard Horse Blog recently welcomed a handful of new readers so I thought it would be fun to do some archival digging.

Even if you starting reading the blog early last year when it first appeared on the internet, you might have missed these posts.

In either case, I hope you will tune in today, Wednesday and Friday (my typical publishing schedule) to check them out.

Prefer new content instead? I hope to be back next week with all fresh posts.

We start today’s journey down memory lane with the post “Want to Improve Your Horse Care? Use Your Senses!”

I had a lot of fun creating a new mini-infographic to go with the post and its corresponding Pinterest pin.

The Backyard Horse Blog

When most equestrians think of senses, I imagine that the sense of sight first comes to mind. What is more gorgeous to look at than a horse, right? But a person who is sighted often forgets that people can and do absorb information in other ways.

Years ago, I volunteered at a therapeutic riding center. I later became a NARHA certified instructor (NARHA has since changed its name to PATH International- Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship). I eventually worked at the center as a staff member. My experiences there gave me lots of exposure to folks with sensory differences. It made me think about the varied ways that many different kinds of people experience the world.

If you are sighted, you absorb a tremendous amount of information through your eyes. It is easy to forget that there are other senses that can give us “insight” into the world around us.

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2 thoughts on “Want to Improve Your Horse Care? Use Your Senses!

  1. Such a great idea to reflect & share on past posts especially for those of us who have just had the privilege of meeting you(through blogging) lol. I used to volunteer at a Riding for the Disabled association, RDA, it was marvellous fun watching & being part of the development in such beautiful wonderful people. Some went from screaming at the thought of going anywhere near a horse to riding in little competitions we held. Some once in the saddle just rested their faces on the horses mane & smiled like they had just found their true happy place. From your memory lane to mine a happy place to be.

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    1. That is wonderful to hear of your volunteer experience. Folks with a horsemanship background can be a real boon to therapeutic riding centers who are frequently looking for new help. Glad you were able to offer your time & talents and that your experience was a positive one.

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