How This Blog Got Its Own Street Sign

The Backyard Horse Blog now has its own street sign. How fun is that!

No, the blog didn’t get a public street named after it. Instead, for one year, the street sign will mark a lane of the sensory trail at Reins of Grace Therapeutic Riding Center. On the sign, you can see the center’s logo displayed to the left of the blog’s name.

All this came about after I ran across one of the therapeutic riding center’s online fundraisers. Anyone could bid to have their business or organization name displayed on one of three street signs along their sensory trail. The signs are to remain in place for one year at the center. At the end of the year, the signs will be given to the donors.

I thought this was such a clever way to raise organizational funds that I just had to participate. As a formerly-certified therapeutic riding instructor, I know how meaningful center services can be to their clients. What a fun way to advertise the blog while also supporting the work of therapeutic riding.

For those of you not familiar with the sensory trail concept, here is a basic definition:

“A sensory trail is an interactive environment that can be ridden through on horseback or walked through, designed to stimulate the senses . . . A sensory trail has a series of experiences along a route that are designed to engage the different senses and collectively to immerse people in a multi-sensory journey …. (with a focus on) movement.”

– Google

If you want to explore the sensory trail idea more indepth, I recommend this link at

It thoroughly explains the sensory trail concept. It also includes lots of examples with pictures of stations and obstacles ideas.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about Reins of Grace Therapeutic Riding Center and their ministry, you can visit them at

15 thoughts on “How This Blog Got Its Own Street Sign

  1. Supervisor cool!! What wonderful work for therapeutic riding and I’m learning new things (sensory trails!) Thanks for the links too! 🐴❤️ ~Diana

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  2. That’s so cool. Such a beautiful cause to support. I am hoping our property one day will be a sensory trail for all on foot, walker or wheelchair in the yard & horseback on the property. The trails on the property are slowly getting there. It’s a 10yr project.
    I am so happy for you congratulations.

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    1. Trail maintenance can be cumbersome so I can see why building a sensory trail might be a multi-year process for you. On your blog, the photos of your property look lovely and well-suited to enjoy. Seems like a great spot to enjoy a nature trail.

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